I can’t take it anymore, I say I hate you but truth is you still manipulate my thoughts. Trapped in my brain- it feels as though you’ll never drain out.

Fail to seize yet successfully found the reality you hid behind your contradicting fibs.

It was all an illusion and it quietly seems to play through. Despite the damage, I nevertheless see good in you.

Try to be stronger than my battles but when it comes to you, I’m extremely fragile.

When eyes adjoin, your face appears- Haunting my dreams of all broken fears.

You’ll never fathom just exactly what you meant & now I’m immovable with substantial regret.

It’s incredible how little contrition you feel, never showed sorrow for all humiliation revealed. Perspective so clear, actions are instantly sincere. You were not at all genuine, but more like a complexion.

A malicious monster, manipulative man; insecure alcoholic, an abusive diabolic. As powerful as a pair, you are like two in one, because you weren’t always that way yet majority of time you stayed calling me names.

Left with shameful doubt, I continue to struggle with self worth. How could one person make another feel like straight dirt?

I was doing well until’ you came along, allowed to be mistreated and disrespected more than beyond.

Maybe it is my fault, gave too many chances. You should’ve been kicked to the curb after you exerted disturbance.

Brooding in predicament, I thought you were my medicine but you turned out to be the poison disguised as innocent.

Not who I thought you were nor who you claimed to be- turned out to be my worst enemy. You’re worse than expected, that’s fershure- should’ve listened to my intuition, but I avoided as long as I could.

Ignored every person who warned me about you, but red flags wouldn’t stop until’ the bombs blew.

Situation being unavoidable, I despise detecting you out; Alcohol in me got one ready to take flight.

Frontin’ like I don’t give a fuck but honestly, you destroyed me.

Conniving and vindictive: Ways will never change- good luck with the next, you’re a dawg and you know I have proof of that…

You shattered to pieces, not only did you get caught up twice but you wanted my help with some girl- too bad you paid the price.

Now if you truly cared for “Alyssa”, you wouldn’t have sent that text. And if you see this, you’ll know exactly what I meant.

Came over at 2am, you fell asleep after- Learn to put a passcode on your phone and you wouldn’t have a disaster transpire.

Still got love for you but I have ZERO respect, so I’m laying some truth out for your friends to connect.

Karma will take care of you and God will judge you, so when you finally realize what was here, please don’t reappear.

Out of sight, out of mind- but you remain in my heart where you burned me so unkind.

Your world will spiral out of control, how does it feel now? To unravel a few of secrets you thought would stay weighed down.


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