M2M ∞

Do you ever find yourself wallowing in the pith of your past?

It’s like finding yourself so attached in the wave of the notion, only to realize that moments turn to memories.

Strangers commence ever so often, precisely to leave their mark in your world – even if it conveys leaving you desolated and despaired.

Everything seems to become a memory; a recollection of thoughts and instances shared.

Whether good or bad- you self indulge of the importance of that person, or whatever it may be that has a hold on you.

Unfortunately, time doesn’t stand still for anything & it absolutely revolves around time. Seconds tick away and when the bomb drops – there is no getting back what you once possessed.

And so it either leaves you with jubilance or despondency. When it comes down to it – providence has it’s way of bringing you exactly what you’re meant to go through. Hence why it’s also called fate, you’ll get where you need to be… given time.

See, all in all – everything is circulated around TIME.

Anyways, spiraling down from the high that one previously proffered, it’s indisputably  like coming off of a drug you struggle with- mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even physically.

You go through the emotions of disbelief, it still shocks you. You tell yourself it’s unreal and that it’ll go back to normal the next day.

You go through the confusion and anger of who is to blame – which brings the stages of guilt. That’s normal, because you question yourself on what more you could’ve done to possibly “keep using” without killing yourself of overdose.

It happens – hardships are apart of life, there is no escaping the tribulation your heart will assimilate.

Yes, moments turn to memories. With that being said, you’ll also discover that reminiscing is entirely standard. Thoughts of back then will speed through your brain faster than you can even catch up, it can be a lot to take in – that’s fershure!

The smallest things will cause flashbacks and you will get them randomly… Which can then rise your anxiety in an instant; Cus’ maybe you were doing quite exceptional without them – last thing you want to be is in a puddle of tears shopping at Walmart because you came across their favorite soccer team’s jersey.

It’s uncomfortable watching movies in knowing that you have encountered it with them. As simple as a movie, it’s the moments shared within’ that hr & thirty minutes that matter, okay? Remember, it’s the little things here. Perhaps that person knew every line word for word, so prior before the script was said- they repeated it which brought you a giggle and them a smile.

Say that one artist comes on pandora or you can’t bring yourself to listen to a song such as “Ocean Avenue” because there came a time where they sang it to you as it played, doing air guitar like a complete rockstar.

Perhaps their contagious laugh grew on you like a flower to the sun. Or conceivably, the sound of their voice brought such heaven, it matched their angelic eyes so impeccably. Maybe, it was the way words were spoken so softly – the phrases repeat in your head.

Don’t you see? Time has a way of guiding us back to the past, it has a way of sending us signs and the flashbacks are a complete illusion you wish were reality. Time gives you reality checks and before you know – it all flashes right before your eyes.

When moments turn to memories, you know that everything had a meaning in it’s role. That person played a significant part in your life; so much that you wish to hold on to them… And you do. But is it genuinely them – or the memories you two divided?

Either way: the dialogue is over and the script is done being written for their chapter. Though it seems like their chapter was longer than others due to the emotions precipitated & times shared, know that there is more to come in the next…

Moments turn to memories, yet when it’s over – those memories live on like fingerprints on your heart, they’ve touched your soul… And time will keep them there forever.

After all, there will always be a part of them inside you.


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