Self spoken ; 

Love you.

Love yours.

We all make mistakes and we all have flaws, that’s what makes us perfectly imperfect because there is never another quite like us.

We must appreciate ourselves down to the bone and that means taking in all we are as people.

How do we expect others to love us if we’re not willing to love ourselves first?

How could we love another being without being in love with ourselves first?

We give to receive and we listen to be heard.

But what those don’t get is we were also born to not be understood.

Why? Because women were not born to be tacited.

Though we live to learn acceptance within ourselves  and even each other.

However the most beautiful thing is finding someone who genuinely accepts you for you. To find someone who doesn’t understand you completely, yet rather accept you anyways has got to be such endowment.

Because that means they really do take us as we are, as we were born: Naked, flawed, & misinterpreted.

Being flawed has made us into a alluring spawns, and we only ever blossom 💕

Don’t be afraid to come as you are.


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